Sprint Towers


OK. So I have developed this crazy hobby of tracking Sprint towers. Yes, you’ve read that right…Tracking the progress of Sprint Tower upgrades. If you haven’t heard, Sprint has been performing a Network Wide upgrade of their cellular network dubbed, “Network Vision”. Network Vision is a large scale project that includes ripping out all of their old legacy equipment and replacing it with new and improved “Tri-Band” equipment.

This new found hobby of mine includes tracking when a cell tower begins work progress, Finishes upgrade, and comes online. I know where all cell tower locations are for Sprint in the entire US and Puerto Rico (However I don’t track all 38K towers…That’s asinine). I track three markets in Florida, including the Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami/West Palm Markets. I would love to be able to share all of this info with you, however, this info is sourced by a fantastic website with a very awesome membership. Go and check out S4GRU at http://www.s4gru.com. It is a forum based website where you can get treasure troves of information about the Sprint Network and all of the upgrades that they are performing. It is an educational based website, so be prepared to learn. I know I have learned a lot about everything, which has ultimately evolved into this crazy hobby of mine.

I will post whatever information I’m allowed to post here to share. See below for anything I may share or above in the Menu Links. Stay tuned as always for updates!

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