Here you will find several links of interesting websites that I find interesting or just something I would like to share. Enjoy!

Amateur Clubs

Ashland Area Amateur Radio Club

Last club I was involved with before moving out of ohio. I was also a past president of this club. Small club, but does alot for the community. If you’re a fellow ham, stop by, check it out and show some love! 

Intercity Amateur Radio Club – IARC

Another club I was involved with back in Ohio. This was my starting club when I first became a HAM. They have a very nice hamfest and some very cool people. Check it out!

Martin County Amateur Radio Association – MCARA

First club I became involved with after moving to Florida. Very nice bunch of people and very welcoming. They have a very nice hamfest, largest free hamfest in all of Florida. Stop by and check it out!

Business and Commercial

DuplexCom of Ohio

I am part owner of this company, we specialize in Commercial Two-Way communications, as well as Amateur Radio Sales. Feel free to check it out for some great deals on some great equipment.

Friends and Fellow HAM’s

KD8BIW Personal Website

One of my business partner’s personal HAM website. Stop by, check it out, and show him some love! He’s working on a new Word Press Site so stay tuned as it will be changing soon with ALOT of cool new features! 

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