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APRS – (Automatic Packet Reporting System) is another communications system used by amateurs all across the globe. Mainly, it is used to transmit GPS coordinates and weather data across RF (Radio Frequency) and even over the internet through I-Gates. This technology comes in handy when doing events that need to have plotted waypoints, search and rescues, and just for general information. CWOP (Citizens Weather Observation Program) Uses APRS to collect weather data from weather stations and transmits it over RF or Internet. The main frequency used in the United States for APRS is on the VHF Band at 144.3900 Mhz.


The KD8JBF-1 APRS I-Gate is hosted at my QTH. I have an AEA-PK-232MBX hooked to an ICom IC-2200H rig hosting as an I-Gate. (Gates APRS Packets to the Internet Servers), as well as running as a Digipeater. That is then tied to a Ringo 2m antenna tuned to 144.3900 Mhz. It is about 25′ off the ground and serves the surrounding communities of Port St. Lucie, and Stuart. I pick up stations as far as Okeechobee and Down to West Palm Beach. I will get a picture posted up of my station as soon as I can.

You can also track APRS stations online at:

http://www.aprs.fi/  (This link will load to your general area depending on your IP address)

You can check out the other stations in my local area (St. Lucie/Martin/Indian River counties) by clicking here.

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