Is It Software or Hardware?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no genius when it comes to coding or computer programming. To be completely honest, I have absolutely no interest in coding, making programs, or debugging software and websites. I mean seriously, give me a, “WYSIWYG” editor and I’ll make you a nice website in no time. But what happens when there is a bug in the middle of that website? Well, better call upon the almighty Google for the solution. Hey, it isn’t pretty, but I fixed the issue for you.

In this day in age, a job that has to do with software development pays double if not more of any hardware based career. So you could pretty much say that it pays to be in the software business. Unfortunately I just don’t find it interesting enough to invest a ton of time into learning something I could care less about. Nowadays, you almost have to know something about software development to even get your foot into a hardware based role. I know enough to get me in trouble, but maybe I should know more. I do find myself a bit jealous when others spout off, “Oh yeah, that string calls upon this, then that…Blah blah blah…” So that presents a question…

Do I get into learning something about software? If so, what should I learn? I may be an IT guy, but don’t know what the most hopping software program to learn is. What’s there? What will benefit me the most to know? I may not enjoy it, but maybe if I look at the bigger picture it will help me in the long run….

I digress….

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